The Mission

"To elevate the health and wellbeing of our community"

Your Local Physio,The Better Physio...

8th Ave Physio is a collective of therapists focused on providing optimal treatment and continuing care for our valued clients in Palm Beach. Through utilising contemporary evidence based treatments and rehabilitation techniques, we facilitate rapid recovery from injury and provide effective, long-lasting pain relief. Our aim is to provide high value physiotherapy services and related therapies to Palm Beach, Currumbin and greater community.

We are the preferred provider of physiotherapy services and trusted advisor in health and wellness for our lifelong clients. Our philosophy is simple - to be your local physio, the better physio. We believe in building deep connections with our clients and local health care professionals to enhance the positive outcomes in your recovery.

Our local community team comprises of GP’s, Exercise Physiologists, Dieticians, Remedial Therapists and Physiotherapists - all working together to provide better results for you. Our expert therapists are the beating heart of our clinic! They infuse their passion with a drive to improve your community's health and wellbeing through imparting their expert knowledge and empowering the individual. Their purpose is to work with you and guide you to achieve your goals.

Learn more about them below, or pop in for a friendly chat if you're in the area...

Meet Your Team

Angus Wilson
Angus WilsonAssociate Physiotherapist
"There’s no better feeling than seeing a patient walk in with a big smile on their face saying how much better they feel, or when they start telling you of how they’re thriving in an activity which at some point seemed impossible due to a debilitating injury. Especially knowing that you had a hand in helping them through the often tedious and painful journey back to doing the things they enjoy. It’s almost like a ‘proud parent’ feeling!"
David Reid
David ReidAssociate Physiotherapist & ExercisePhysiologist
"Growing up in Wollongong, my first contact with a physiotherapist was at the tender age of 14 after fracturing my collarbone when touch footy turned to tackle after the bell rang at school lunch. You’d think a bloke might learn, but a year later my ankle was fractured in exactly the same scenario, with some more trips to the local physio. It spurned great respect for the profession and set me on a path to where I am today."
Sam Taylor
Sam TaylorAssociate Physiotherapist
After sustaining an injury while working abroad on superyachts, I knew it was time for a change! I needed to combine my borderline fanatical obsession for sports with my passion for health and wellness. A career in physiotherapy seemed like an obvious choice!
Andrew Moloney
Andrew MoloneyResident Exercise Physiologist
"Andrew is a fantastic student, but would do even better if he applied himself to the subject, said every Math and English Teacher I've ever had. The thing is I didn't enjoy these subjects as much as I did with sport and health. So I carried that mindset into University where I completed my Bachelor in Clinical Exercise Physiology and have never turned back"
Kieran Spillane
Kieran Spillane Principle Physio | Director
“I really don’t like doing planks! They are uncomfortable, difficult to do and more importantly most of my clients find them boring. This aversion to the torturous exercise more than likely stems from having to do them as a 13 year old teenager, following an unfortunate accident where I fractured my back."
Joseph Pasque
Joseph PasqueSenior Physio
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