At 8th Ave Physio we aim to maintain a strong relationship with our referring GP's and Medical Centre's. So when a local GP asked us "Do you see people with COPD?" we sent them back this simple letter. Exercise and strength training has been show to be very effective in COPD management.

Our team of Physio's and Exercise Physiologists use evidence based treatment for all conditions. If you have any questions regarding how you can exercise with COPD give our team a call.


Dear Dr Awesome,

Thank you for sharing your interest in COPD when you sat down with Kieran last week. I thought I would send this information sheet on what we already do and also what our plans are for 2019 for your COPD patients.

According to ‘The Lung Foundation Australia’ 1 in 5 Australians aged 40 and over have some form of COPD, however half of those are not aware they are living with it. So what can we offer to these people at a local level?

Like with any Chronic Disease it comes down to education, accessibility and accountability.

Education – We use Evidence based recommendations for exercise prescription and treatment. Ensuring your patients understand the role of exercise to improve their cardiovascular system and strengthen inspiratory muscles.

  • Breathing exercises to strengthen inspiratory muscles
  • Home or gym based exercise prescription (5x 30min day p/w light -moderate exercise)
    • Functional strengthening program in Gym
  • Mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and manage breathlessness

Accessibility – 8th Avenue Physio now has Andy Moloney the Exercise Physiologist from Jetts Palm Beach working with the team. He will not only be bringing his experience and passion to the role but now we have the ability to place people into affordable long term programs at Jetts Palm Beach.

Accountability – When your patients are referred to us through Medicare, DVA or privately our goal is to develop a lifelong approach to their COPD management. There is no cure only its management. Research shows us that those who can exercise with this condition have far better quality of life. We will keep track of these people through email, phone or direct contact in our programs.


Do you run a specific program for people with COPD?

No, mainly due to the fact that we receive referrals too sporadically to group them together. This can become an option if you want to work with us to directly and target your patients with COPD.

Is it safe for COPD to exercise in a gym setting?

Yes, we have state of the art equipment with safety features on all equipment. Andy will develop and monitor HR and ‘breathless scale’ during the start of their program to ensure they feel safe. All programs will be progressed safely and according to guidelines.

Thank you again for showing interest in your COPD patients and we hope we can help them achieve their health goals.

Kind Regards,

8th Avenue Physio Team